Trendyol Šifona Kreklu TWOSS20GO0331

Trendyol Šifona Kreklu TWOSS20GO0331

Trendyol Šifona Kreklu TWOSS20GO0331

  • €11.31



Tagi: kleita garš krekls, ķīniešu kleita krekls, sapnis, seifs, kleita krekls sieviete, blūze sievietēm, vēstule drukāt pidžamas komplekts, guess, domāju, t krekls, sieviete, vīrieši poliestera t krekls, Šifona.

  • Zīmola Nosaukums: Trendyol
Williamribeiroibiapina 2020-10-15

size is bigger then it is describe. you need to take 2 sizes smaller

Rude Boy 60 2020-11-28

The seller did not send the goods. Open Text wrote that for such a huge discount he will not send a thing!

WWW PAVILIONF101 2020-09-16

Don't accept the product

Pink Pontera 2020-11-25

I would like more volume in the shoulders, there are a couple of threads. On weight 58 kg, height 158,88/70 size is the same, such chiffon I like it, it breathes, although transparent, it is necessary to find a T-shirt in tone, it is beige roses, suitable for blondes, sleeves for low growth long but these are norms

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